FENml is Fenestration Manufacturing Language

FENml—is an open standard baseline communication vehicle created specifically for the fenestration industry. Every machinery supplier, every ERP software solution, every customer is invited to use FENml. FENml has been designed to be plug-and-play—that is, it’s cloud-based. No manual installation required.

With FENml, you can combine data from your ERP system with the machines on the shop floor. This gives you a better, more holistic view of your production facility. Managers, supervisors, and maintenance can go to one location to see the data applicable to their job function. What else can you do?

  • Use historical data to make automatic decisions during production planning such as calculating floor capacity.
  • Trigger maintenance actions based on sensor values.
  • Use data to better plan for maintenance, reducing or shifting your future planned capacity to accommodate future down time.

Who benefits from FENml?