What are the possibilities with FENml?

Are you getting all you can out  of your machinery? What can you do to bridge  the gap between machines and work cells? Did  you know you can leverage those digital work  instructions—in real time—to integrate machinery and work cells?

You’re now eliminating what we call “islands of information” and effectively allowing machinery to communicate with work cells. Why is this important? Because now your machinery is, in effect, talking to you—telling you what it’s doing, what it needs, and how efficiently it’s running.

This sounds complicated …

No one expects you to have the resources to tackle a large custom Industry 4.0 initiative. That’s why FeneTech has developed FENml®—Fenestration Manufacturing Language. With FENml, those islands of information are made obsolete with our creation of a common, open communication standard that all machinery and software providers utilize to share data, turning your operation into a 21st century Digital Factory.

Beyond machinery and work cells

FENml integrates up and down the supply chain, integrating you with your vendors and customers. The ease of integration comes from having one open standard, combined with communication services that everyone in the supply chain can leverage.

factory floor

See all your equipment at once

Glass Fabricators

Drill down and pull up detailed data

See dashboard KPI’s and key charts for the equipment on your plant floor

Alerts emailed to you when something goes wrong


These are just some of the concepts we are developing at FeneTech. The way to turn these visions into reality is to develop a base line communication standard that will allow all machinery, software, and suppliers to talk the same language. FeneTech has taken the initiative to lead an industry standard called FENml—fenestration manufacturing language.