FeneTech unveils FENml at GlassBuild 2017

GlassBuild 2017 will be remembered for many things; not the least of which was its inauspicious beginnings amid the tail end of Hurricane Irma. But even more exciting was FeneTech’s unveiling of its latest initiative FENml.

Read here  Bethany Stough’s Glass Magazine piece “Standardizing the IIot” about FeneTech’s pioneering solution to the problem of streamlining inter-connectivity among machinery, glass fabricators and window & door manufacturers, suppliers, and software providers.

See all your equipment at once

Drill down and pull up detailed data

See dashboard KPI’s and key charts for the equipment on your plant floor

Alerts emailed to you when something goes wrong


These are just some of the concepts we are developing at FeneTech. The way to turn these visions into reality is to develop a base line communication standard that will allow all machinery, software, and suppliers to talk the same language. FeneTech has taken the initiative to lead an industry standard called FENml—fenestration machine language.

FENml will soon provide the backbone for bringing to life the concepts of Industry 4.0.